Fresh Start Maintenance Kit

The best way to clean everything you can and can’t see.

The Fresh Start Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to keep your plumbing, filter, hot tub shell and cover clean and protected; Purge & Jet Line Cleaner, Filter Cleaner, Waterline & Surface Cleaner, Cover Cleaner & Conditioner.

Hot tubs are small bodies of water that can become overloaded with swimmer waste quickly. The Fresh Start Maintenance Kit effectively removes the contaminants and impurities that cause residue and odors. To keep your water healthy and looking great use this kit every time you drain and refill your hot tub.

Do you want your hot tub to be portable or permanent?

Purge the build up from your tub’s plumbing system. Apply Purge & Jet Line Cleaner according to the label instructions. Drain and rinse tub thoroughly.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub


Clean your tub’s interior and exterior using Waterline & Surface Cleaner.


Use Filter Cleaner by easily spraying on and rinsing off dissolved oils and scale build up.


Clean and protect your cover with Cover Cleaner & Conditioner.

Refill and prepare the fresh water for your regular maintenance. Professional digital water analysis is recommended upon fresh fill as well as a monthly check up, especially for frequently used tubs.