Hot Tubs Are Heating Up!

Imagine sitting under a starry sky enjoying good company and the comfort of hot water. This simple notion of relaxing in a hot spring of sorts came about in Ancient Egypt when perhaps the first known hot tub was chiseled out of solid granite for King Phaortes. Hot Tubs have been providing people with therapeutic and social benefits since these ancient times, but in 1956, the Jacuzzi family developed a portable whirlpool pump. And later, to help relieve chronic pain endured by a young family member, they created the first portable hydrotherapy pump which paved the way for the business of Hot Tubs.

Since they were first discovered by Ancient Romans who dedicated a temple to the gods and goddesses of healing, the popularity of Hot Tubs has been steadily climbing. The Dark Ages were the only time when Hot Tubs lost their popularity because many religious leaders were strongly against frequent bathing. Thankfully, we can now enjoy both baths and hot tubs.

Originally appreciated strictly for their healing properties, Hot Tubs are used more casually today. In 430 BC, Hippocrates recommended hydrotherapy as the treatment for disorders such as jaundice and rheumatism. And his thinking was obviously correct, because we still use hydrotherapy today to help relieve back pain, arthritis, and stress – though they are just as popular for simply relaxing and hanging out with family and friends. So, why not get a Hot Tub?


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Jozel Greene