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Foire aux questions answers frequently asked questions, like how hot should you keep your hot tub?

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Coût de possession d’un bain à remous

What's holding you back from taking the plunge and installing a hot tub in your backyard? Hot tub hesitance often relates to questions of cost.

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Efficacité énergétique d’un bain à remous

To get to those dreamy nights of relaxing in your backyard while warm water soothes your sore muscles, the path to bliss involves evaluating the best hot tub for your budget. For many people, the initial hot tub cost seems reasonable, but they worry about the electric bills to follow....

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Man relaxing in hot tub

Bains à remous prêts à l’emploi : Comprendre les avantages et les inconvénients avant d’acheter

A hot tub makes a great addition to any backyard retreat, but for some people the upfront cost can be a barrier. But that all changed when Plug and Play hot tubs, also known as Plug N Play hot tubs, came on the scene.

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A couple relaxing in a pool

Guide d’achat de bain à remous

You've always dreamed of having your very own hot tub, and you're finally ready to take the plunge. But where do you start? Do a quick Internet search, and you'll find thousands of hot tubs in a dizzying array of prices, sizes, and features. It can be a bit overwhelming,...

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Agrémentez votre spa pour créer un lieu propice à la détente!

At the end of a long day, what could be better than to climb into your spa and soak your aches and stresses of the day away? You can make that experience even more enjoyable by the ambiance and view you create surrounding your spa.

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Woman meditating in a pool

7 excellents exercices pour le bain à remous

A hot tub provides an ideal environment for gentle, low-impact exercise thanks to the buoyancy of water. Hot water helps improve your range of motion and increases your muscles’ ability to stretch and relax.

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