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Garden Leisure FAQ

What is the difference between 110v and 220v/230v spas?

Plug-N-Play spas are 110v, meaning they can be plugged into any standard outlet with no need for special wiring. 220v/230v spas require a dedicated outlet with special wiring installed by a licensed electrician. Some 110v models can be converted to 220v/230v by a licensed electrician.

What comes with the spa? What else is needed?

Your spa comes with a matching cover and initial filter. Aquaterra Spas do not come with chemicals or steps. There are several chemical options available to purchase online.

What does an Ozone Water Care System do?

An Ozone Water Care System produces ozone bubbles that are injected into the spa water. The ozone, through the process of oxidation, removes contaminants such as lotions, detergents and organic waste out of the spa water – improving water quality.

Should the spa be turned off when not in use?

No. Aquaterra Spas are designed to be left on, at the desired temperature, all the time. The full foam insulation and thermal cover will keep the water hot with minimal energy consumption. This means the spa is always on and ready, whenever you are.

Can the spa be delivered to the backyard or deck?

No. The spa is only delivered to the curbside in front of the driveway. Check the local service directory to find a moving service or contractor to assist moving the spa if needed.

What type of foundation is required for the spa?

Your new spa needs a good solid foundation. The area your spa sits on must be able to support the spa, the water in it and those who use it. If the foundation is inadequate, it may shift or settle after the spa is in place, causing stress to the shell or components. Please refer to the owner’s manual for additional information.

Should I keep my hot tub cover on all the time?

Keep your hot tub covered whenever you’re not in it or adding chemicals. The cover does an excellent job of holding heat and protecting the shell.

How do I add chemicals to my hot tub?

When adding chemicals, keep the pumps are running and the cover off to allow the tub to breathe and the chemical smell to dissipate. It also helps extend the life of your cover.

How do I clean the filter of my hot tub?

Keep an extra clean filter on hand. Make sure the pumps are off, then remove and replace the dirty filter. Use a hot tub filter cleaner according to package directions.

How often should I drain my hot tub?

It is recommended to drain and clean your hot tub 3 - 4 times per year.

Can I use a hot tub year-round?

Yes, hot tubs are intended to be used year-round and are particularly enjoyable to use in cold temperatures.

Will a Hot Tub relieve my arthritis and muscle pain?

The combination of hot water and jet massage is excellent for muscle and joint pain relief and stress reduction. Consult your doctor with any concerns.

What is an ozonator for a hot tub?

An ozonator helps kill germs and bacteria in hot tub water. They are safe to use and will reduce the amount of sanitizer you need to add.