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Strength and Stability from the Inside Out

Every Equinox spa starts with a solid foundation. Our polyethylene floor seals out critters and moisture while sealing in the heat.

Integrated into the sealed floor is our galvanized steel frame. Engineered to provide the strength and stability required to support over 7000lbs. Unlike wood frames, our galvanized steel structure is built to last. Not only is it 10 times stronger than wood, it will not crack, warp or rot and unlike wood it will not sustain termites or rodents.

The third component of our system is the polysteel cabinet system. Our polysteel cabinet is the only laminated enclosure on the market. The polysteel system provides superior insulating properties and unprecedented sound blocking characteristics. In addition to being completely resistant to rotting, cracking and peeling, our maintenance free cabinet has the look and feel of real wood.

From the ground up our structure is a precisely engineered barrier of support and protection.

A smarter shell inside and out

Equinox Spa's fiberglass shell is a seamless integration of superior quality components designed not only to function at the highest level, but to also be Earth Friendly®.

The surface of our multi-layered shell starts with Lucite® acrylic. This cutting edge finish gives your spa an exceptionally smooth and luxurious feel as well as a robust lustrous look that is also resistant to UV rays. Co-extruded to the under surface of the acrylic is a layer of fiberglass for additional strength and stability.

The benefits of Equinox Spas' fiberglass shell go way beyond the surface. All spa surfaces are fused to an understructure to create strength and support. Many manufacturers still use large quantities of styrene, a volatile and flammable pollutant, to support their spas. Equinox Spas' use of fiberglass ensures a more durable structure that will provide a lifetime of worry free strength while doing our part to protect the environment.

Created with intelligence and beauty, our Fiberglass shells are designed to be an earth-friendly masterpiece.

Everyone loves a low maintenance beauty

All Equinox spas come equipped with our High Volume Teleweir Filtration. Our Teleweir Filtration helps collect unwanted particles floating on the surface of the spa water.

Our dual core filter then traps disintegrated biofilm and any other water impurities. One easily removable "twist and lock" filter ensures maintenance is quick and easy. With our dual speed programmable pump that filters 100% of the water multiple times per day, you will know your Equinox Spa is always clean and clear.

Our high volumed teleweir filtration is designed to ensure the most pristine spa experience... every time.