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Where Science and Sensibility Intersect

Our GreenGuard Rockwool Insulation System is an innovative and energy efficient insulation designed for Equinox Spas. Our lightweight stone fiber insulation is made from natural stone and other recycled content.

This system contains no chemical irritants and is resistant against the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria. The GreenGuard Thermal Retention System is made from inorganic and recycled content that is naturally noncombustible and doesn't include any dangerous chemicals. This environment friendly insulation has been tested and approved to GreenGuard Certification.

As a green product, the thermal retention system increases the energy efficiency of our spas by up to 35% while providing superior sound absorbency, which means energy created by the spa, stays in the spa.

Our GreenGuard insulation is a 100% green product that can provide up to 35% savings on energy costs.