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Caring for Your Tub

Some Hot Tips on Caring for Your Tub

Just like any other investment your tub requires periodic maintenance and care to keep it at its best.

The most important thing to monitor is water balance. Remember, hot tubs are much different than swimming pools. Four people in a hot tub are equivalent to having 250 in an average-sized swimming pool. High temperatures and the ratio of people to water means more residual soaps, skin care products, natural body oils and perspiration are released into the water. This can create excessive organic contaminants, which can only be eliminated using products that are specially formulated for tubs.

Fresh water is a necessity when caring for your hot tub. Chemical by-products and other contaminants quickly build up in hot tub water after continued use making the water more difficult to balance. How often you drain your hot tub depends upon the size of the tub and number of users. If your hot tub sees a lot of use, drain it once a month. If use is infrequent, drain it every 3 months.

Acing Water Tests

It’s easy and you should do it often-at least once a week. Testing procedures vary, be certain to follow the label instructions for your test strips or kit.

Understanding the Chemistry of a Healthy Tub

The biggest consideration is whether to use chlorine or bromine as your sanitizer. Both are effective in daily sanitizing. No matter which one you choose, more is not better when using these chemicals. When you overload your hot tub, you’re setting yourself up for equipment failure due to corrosion.


Ideal Range, 2.0-4.0 ppm

Proper chlorine levels are crucial. Add Chlorinating Granules as needed to maintain these levels.


Ideal Range, 3.0-5.0 ppm

Bromine can be less harsh to the skin and works well in hot water. It’s easy to maintain the proper level by using Brominating Tabs in a floating dispenser.

Proper pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels must also be maintained to ensure the sanitizer can do its job effectively. When not in balance, your water can become corrosive attacking heating elements and other equipment.


Ideal Range, 7.2-7.6

pH readings below 7 would be acidic, while readings 8 or above would be alkaline and potentially scale forming. If readings are below 7.2, add Alkalinity & pH Up. Readings above 7.6 can be brought back into range using Alkalinity & pH Down.


Ideal Range, 80-120 ppm

Low alkalinity readings would also be acidic, while high readings are alkaline and potentially scale forming. If readings are below 80ppm add Alkalinity & pH Up. Higher readings can be lowered using Alkalinity & pH Down.

Calcium Hardness:

Ideal Range, 200-400 ppm

When levels are low, corrosion can occur, and the water can become foamy. When levels are too high, scale can form, and water becomes irritating to the skin and eyes. Low hardness can be corrected using Calcium Booster. Use Scale Defense when dealing with higher levels.

Shockingly Important

To maintain the perfectly balanced hot tub, you should shock after every use or at least once a week, whichever is more frequent. Hot tubs are shocked with Oxidizing Shock, a non-chlorine shock, that eliminates odors and reduces irritants, contaminants and extends the life of your sanitizer.

Other Great Options for Your Water

Fresh Start Maintenance

To keep your water healthy and looking great; drain, clean & refill every 3 months. Purge all build up from your tub and chemically clean the filter to remove contaminants and impurities that cause residues and odors. The Fresh Start Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to keep your plumbing, equipment, hot tub shell and cover clean and protected; Filter Cleaner, Purge & Jet Line Cleaner, Waterline & Surface Cleaner, Cover Cleaner and Conditioner.

Draining Your Hot Tub

You are now ready to Fill, Balance and Enjoy your Hot Tub!!