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Much of what needs to be considered before installing a hot tub — location, weight and city codes — also applies to swim spas. When installing a swim spa, however, additional consideration is required in these areas:


The average swim spa weighs 3,000 pounds before adding a drop of water, and measures roughly 52 inches high. Contractors require clearance around the site to complete installation. The weight of the spa requires a rebar-reinforced concrete slab for support; manufacturers will provide support specifications.


Most standard-size swim spas can’t fit through doors and are often too wide to be moved around the side of a home. Occasionally, fences may need to be cut down and the spa rolled into place on a cart. Many dealers recommend renting a crane: Most crane companies will come out free of charge and do a pre-site survey. They'll determine, based on what the reach is and the weight of the product, which size crane they need.


After the swim spa is placed, buyers require the services of an electrician to hook up the spa and possibly a carpenter to build out any deck or patio area. Your retailer should be able to recommend vendors experienced in working on and around a swim spa. These contractors will know to leave room for access to the swim spa equipment compartment and other necessary provisions for regular maintenance and care.


Surrounding deck and patio areas should have safety railings for entry and exit, and be made of nonslip material.