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Hot Tub Accessories Add Fun and Convenience

Accessories can spice up your hot tub and make it truly one of a kind. Whether you are a new spa owner looking for the hottest trends or a long-time enthusiast looking for new accouterments to renew your love of soaking, you’ll find an almost limitless array of hot tub accessories that range from structural to maintenance to decorative to entertaining. This guide takes a look at some of the most popular add-ons to customize your backyard oasis, both the essentials and the extravagances.


Hot tub covers are a “lid” for your tub. They help keep debris out of the water, prevent excess evaporation, keep the tub water warm, and provide a safety barrier for accidental visitors (think: unaccompanied children and pets). By protecting the water from the outside elements, a cover like the SCL894 Spa Cover Protector helps maintain the delicate chemical balance that ensures your hot tub water is safe and clean. Many spas are sold with a basic cover, but if you upgrade to one with a higher R-Value, which gives greater heat retention, you’ll conserve more energy (and save on your utility bills) by maintaining the water at a more consistent temperature. Or you can opt for a hard hot tub cover for increased durability, a solar blanket to add a layer of insulation under the hard cover, a cover with wind-resistant straps, or lightweight polyester cover caps.

Hot Tub Cover Hot Tub Cover Hot Tub Cover

Cover Lifts

Adding a spa cover lift will not only make it easier to move the cover out of the way, but it will also keep it off the ground when not in use, which will extend its life. Hot tub cover lifts come in several styles:

  • Basic manual cover lifts such as the CLL510 Base Mount Lifter work well for small spas or for those that are located in tight spaces. You lift the cover manually, aided by the aluminum brackets and frames, and it stays open at a tilt until you’re ready to close it.
  • Privacy manual cover lifts can be set to a specific vertical height to create a “wall” between the outside world and your hot tub. When opening the cover, simply adjust the height of the “wall” for complete privacy or create a semi-private atmosphere with a partial view.
  • Full-view manual cover lifts fold completely out of site by stacking behind the spa. This enables a clean aesthetic if you don’t like to clutter up your spa space and it offers unobstructed views for keeping an eye on children, talking to people outside of the tub, or appreciating your backyard.
  • Hydraulic mount cover lifts require little to no exertion when opening and closing your spa. The hydraulic lift is powered by gas springs that do all the work for you, with the added benefit of closing the cover securely every time so you’ll never have to worry about heat release.
Hot Tub Cover Lift Hot Tub Cover Lift

Custom Steps

Slipping into your spa shouldn’t feel like a chore. Adding a set of steps like the MST040 4-Step Swim Spa Step can make your hot tub more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Details like non-slip surfaces, UV protection, and handrails ensure safety and durability, and a variety of color options allow you to coordinate your steps with your décor. You can even choose steps that include storage areas for things like towels or chemicals.

Hot Tub Cover Steps Hot Tub Cover Steps Hot Tub Cover Steps Hot Tub Cover Steps

Cabinet Kits

Looking to change the look of a spa that’s looking a little dated? Breathe new life into an aging hot tub with a cabinet kit. Want to add a touch of understated elegance? Choose a color like deep gray, espresso, or black for a sophisticated look. Want to transition from an old- school wood cabinet to something more modern and durable? Opt for a cabinet kit made of hardy, low-maintenance composite. Whatever option you choose, most cabinet kits are easy to install, making them an easy DIY project.

Hot Tub Cabinet Kit - Before


Hot Tub Cabinet Kit - After


Vacuums, Skimmers, and Cleaners

Your spa water might occasionally get tainted with bacteria, soap agents, body oils, and other organic matter. These are generally present as layers of biofilm on the water’s surface. You’ll need some cleaning accessories to help remove these contaminants. Spa vacuums such as the CSV610 Spa-Vac and other important tools like filters, spa sponges and brushes, floating chemical dispensers, and thermometers are all useful accessories that will make spa ownership easier and more convenient. If you have a hot tub, you’ll inevitably encounter occasional unwelcome floaties like leaves, bugs, and smaller particles in your spa water. There are a plethora of skimmers, including the CSL085 Spa & Hot Tub Scoop, designed for easy removal of light debris. This model features a compact size ideal for accessibility and usage.

Hot Tub Vacuum

Spa Foot Bath

What better way to keep your hot tub water clean than by preventing debris from entering it in the first place? Add the convenience of the LFB012 Spa Foot Bath at the top of your steps to encourage only clean feet stepping into your hot tub. This is an easy way to reduce the frequency of cleanings: Just fill the foot bath with fresh water, and change it out after multiple uses.

Hot Tub Foot Bath


The easiest way to create the ambiance you want in your hot tub area is with the use of outdoor lighting. LED lighting can create the perfect atmosphere by mimicking Tiki torches or flickering lanterns. Enhance the area even more by adding LED lights along the path leading to the hot tub. You can also make a splash by adding underwater lights to your spa. They will create a one-of-a-kind multi-colored underwater light show to dazzle everyone soaking in the tub.

Hot Tub Lighting Hot Tub Lighting

Gazebos and Pergolas

Create a warm and inviting environment for your hot tub area by using a square or triangle sail shade, a spa umbrella that attaches to the side of your hot tub, decorative panels you can use to surround the spa, or a pergola to make your hot tub the centerpiece of your yard. In addition to enhancing your environment, a gazebo or pergola can also add privacy so you can bathe in peace.

Bars and Trays

Sure, you’re the host – but you should get to enjoy the most out of your hot tub, too! Inflatable and attachable tray tables keep your snacks and drinks within arm’s reach so you never need to leave the water. Some floating bars like the Deluxe Inflatable Spa Bar (LLB200) even hold snacks in a covered container to protect them from splashes. And don’t forget spa-specific drinkware that’s made of unbreakable materials rather than glass!

Hot Tub Bar Tray Hot Tub Bar Tray

Pillows and Cushions

Turn your seating into luxurious comfort by adding headrest pillows, adjustable boosters, and seat cushions like the LSS250 Deluxe Spa Seat Cushion. All your bathers can customize their spa experience to their comfort levels. The specially designed fabrics withstand fading, and suction cups hold the pads in place.

Hot Tub Pillows

Outdoor Speakers and TVs

There is nothing more luxurious than soaking in a hot tub while watching a movie under the stars or bopping along to your favorite tunes. Today’s outdoor entertainment systems offer endless possibilities. Speakers without bulky equipment and wires can be disguised as terra cotta planters or natural-looking rocks that blend into your garden area for discreet integration into the yard. Some Bluetooth speakers even double as USB ports so you can charge your cellphone as you enjoy a late-night soak. Hot tub televisions are specifically designed with Nano-coating technology to withstand the elements and provide years of outdoor entertainment.

Hot Tub Speaker Hot Tub Speaker


If you’ve never considered using your hot tub for fitness, you’re missing out! Water workouts are easy on your joints and offer a low-impact total-body exercise routine. Specially designed hot tub workout kits are available, such as the LFB200 Fitness Kit, to enhance your in-spa cardio and strength training. Your spa is also the ideal spot for aromatherapy. Specially formulated hot tub bath bombs and scented oils bring soothing calm – without residue or build-up. Soak away stress, aches, and pains by treating yourself to bath crystals made of natural extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

Hot Tub Fitness Hot Tub Fitness