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Hatana Design & Technology

Ultra-Insulated Cabinet Base

Ultra-Insulated Cabinet & Base

Extremely efficient Reflective Thermal Shield reflects and recycles heat, keeping your water warmer, and your energy bill lower compared to foam-filled hot tubs.

Superior Shell Construction

Superior Shell Construction

Our commercial-grade Triple Fusion Shell is thicker, allowing a deeper, stronger, smoother tub. Steel support mesh and environmentally friendly, EcoSpray resin (not toxic fiberglass) make the Hatana Hot Tub shell one of the strongest you can buy.

Eco Foundation


Weather-resistant, fully insulated base provides the foundation to lift the hot tub off of the cold ground to further insulate and it protects the hot tub from moisture, bugs, mice, and other unwanted pests.

Superior Shell Construction

DuraTech Cabinets: Ultra-low Maintenance

Just an occasional wash with soapy water will keep your DuraTech cabinet free of dust & grime and looking its very best.

Ultimate Outdoor Performance

DuraTech Cabinets resists splintering, rot, warping, and damage from insects and other pests.

HD Foam PVC Column Supports

HD Foam PVC Column Supports

Custom PVC high-density foam-filled system will not rot, mold, rust, or breakdown like wood or steel support systems. Pillars integrate seamlessly into the foundation and the shell for unmatched strength making this the only frame-free support system in the world.

Intelligent Design

  1. Best Ergonomic Seating
  2. Adjustable Hydrotherapy Jets
  3. Intelligent Controls
  4. Impact Resistant Cabinet
  5. Integrated Headrests
  6. Water Feature
  7. Coasters