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Energy Saving

Hot Tub Insulation

Every Garden Leisure Hot Tub® features full foam insulation, insulated cabinet panels, and an insulating wrap. The base is fully sealed to prevent potential heat loss and protect against the intrusion of pests. These energy efficient hot tubs offer the ultimate in energy savings with lower operating costs.

Insulated Hot Tub Cover

Your Garden Leisure Hot Tub® cover is also designed for maximum energy efficiency as it forms a tight insulated seal and locks in heat, saving you money on operating costs. All covers feature a full width insulated hinge seal that eliminates heat loss through the central seam. Garden Leisure Hot Tub® covers are made from durable, UV inhibiting marine-grade vinyl and are tapered so water runs off. Child-resistant safety locks are standard.

insulated hinge seal
Insulated Hinge Seal
cover side skirt
Cover Side Skirt