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Backyard Living: Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a great way to unwind and relax, and to wash away the cares of the world, as you wile away the hours in your backyard living space! What better way to end a day pool-side than to allow gentle jets of hot water to massage your body, and to refresh the mind and spirit?

Buying a hot tub is a serious investment and deserves consideration as to the type and placement for your hot tub.

Here are some tips to guide you in your choice, design and placement for your new hot tub:

Hot Tub Backyard Location

Because hot tubs can come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, chances are you can add one to your backyard in a safe and convenient location.

Placing your hot tub near a door is good - especially for those cold-weather nights! Since a hot tub is likely to be located near your home, consider noise from the hot tub, either when it is being used or in a filtration cycle. Quieter hot tubs are more expensive, but this may be of little importance to you.

You should allow for a footprint of at least six feet for each side (the final size will depend on how many people the hot tub is designed for) and an additional two feet or so for side access, maintenance and accessories.

Hot Tub Size

The size of your hot tub does not necessarily equate to the price. The number of seats you will need depends on the size of your family, and how many people are likely to be using it at the same time. A smaller 2-4 seat hot tub will likely be sufficient for you and your partner, but if you have a larger family or are likely to use it in a more social setting, consider a six-person hot tub. How you intend to use your hot tub will determine the final size that you need.

Hot Tub Therapy Requirements

If you have specific needs for hydrotherapy, consider the range of hot tub spa jets that are now available for hot tubs. Directional jets are good for tired muscles and backache. Smaller directional jets are good for legs and arms. Swirl jets provide a circular stream of water that provide whole-body therapy and relaxation.

Neck jets lie just above the waterline and are used to relieve neck strain. They will have a separate control to vary the water pressure. Shoulder jets also lie above the water line and are directional, again with variable pressure, and can provide a focused shoulder massage.

Volcano jets lie at the bottom of the hot tub and are used for extra water steaming.

In choosing your hot tub, you should think about what your water therapy requirements are and ensure that the hot tub has the necessary versatility of purpose that you require.

Hot tubs are a valuable addition to your backyard living plans. Your pool designer will be able to help you plan the hot tub design and placement.